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Haim Cohen

CEO and Director

Mr Cohen has extensive managerial experience across numerous sectors including real estate, transport communications, information systems; in both private and government enterprises. He has a successful track record in business development managing project budgets of up to $4 billion. Mr Cohen holds a B.A in social science (Bar Ilan).

Jacob Cohen


Jacob (Kobi) Cohen brings extensive experience as Chief Financial Officer in the public and privet sectors. Kobi has consistently played a strategic role in the development of corporations and governmental branches. He holds an MBA from The College of Management Academic Studies, an M.A. in Political Science, from Bar Ilan University and a B.A. in Accounting and Business Administration from The College of Management Academic Studies.

Eyal Kalo

Eyal Kalo earned his Ph.D from the Weizmann Institute of Science following an extensive research around mutant p53 protein and its contribution to cancer initiation and progression.
Eyal completed his studies at 2010 and joined the biotechnology industry where he gained expertise in the development of cell based and cell free assays for drug discovery, diagnostic and skin care applications. In parallel, Eyal acquired an extensive knowledge and experience in project management. He was responsible for driving the development of various projects from concept to launch in the field of Pharmaceutical, Medical devices, Nutraceutical and Cosmetics.  .


Maya Sapir-Mir

Head of the Bio-Botanic Unit

Maya Sapir-Mir is a domain expert in plant genetics and metabolic engineering. She has extensive experience in plant genetics, molecular biology, protein biochemistry, and cell biology. Dr.Sapir-Mir earned an M.Sc. in genetics and breeding at the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences and a Ph.D. in plant sciences, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Furthermore, she has conducted extensive research as part of her post-doctorate work on the agricultural research organization (ARO).