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Our First Line of Products

The first plant eSense-Lab is targeting for re-engineering into a

‘virtual  plant’ is cannabis. The benefits of medicinal cannabis are

well know. Once the ‘high’ producing cannaboid element in cannabis

is taken out of the equation – we are left with multiple terpenes that

can be used both for medicinal purposes and for mass-production of

cannabis-based consumer products.


We are proud to introduce a new platform for cannabis innovation, with 

the world’s first 100% natural, reverse engineered cannabis terpene profiles.

Our products are unique in that they:


  • Are 100% natural terpene profiles

  • Contain no active ingredients

  • Are comprised of 10 different strains

  • Replicate flavor & fragrance

  • Replicate medicinal effects

  • Will leverage 20 additional terpene profiles under development






  • Concentrates (oils)

  • Medicine

  • Topical treatments (creams & lotions)

  • E-liquids (as in e-cigarettes)

  • Beverages

  • Personalized medicine

  • Cosmetics

  • Food additives





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